and… better.

i’m at home this evening, doing house stuff and getting ready to go to saturna island for a couple days. it’s the annual rendezvous of the bc multihull association, and friends invited me to sail their trimaran over there with them. it’ll be interesting, considering these strong winds that have been blowing lately… not sure how much i’ll get out of the rendezvous itself, as i haven’t feel very akin to the sailors i’ve met at regattas, but am looking forward to seeing more catamarans and trimarans. also, have never been to saturna! which reminds me: one of the tasks for tonight that i’ve yet to tackle is to finding my hiking guide to the gulf islands… it’s in one of the boxes of books that still dominate the landscape of my living room.

i know, i know: how is it that i haven’t unpacked? you’d think, with all the insomnia, i’d have loads of time to do shit like that… but no, of course i don’t. right now, if i feel happy, i tend to roll with it and try to do whatever i can to stay in that state (within reason). and when i feel down, well… yeah, there’s been a lot of that, and i’m trying to just let it be okay. it is what it is. so, with this little mental health project going on, some things that shoulda been taken care of ages ago are just not. but they will be. when i’m ready.

i am making an effort: tonight was a date with myself and my house. aside from a bunch of cleaning that had to get done, i also put up some shelves in an attempt to arrange a self-service apartment entrance for the cat. i have a small window that is entirely hidden from outside view by a large bush, and my idea is that with the shelves as a set of stairs, the cat could come and go as he pleases without bothering me or tempting the neighbourhood vandals with a more exposed opening. however, at time of writing, said cat is entirely unimpressed by my labour and refuses to step onto even the lowest shelf, despite bribery in the form of a dish of kibble. if i lift him up to the shelf, he will take a mouthful of kibble, jump back to the floor, spit it out, and proceed to eat each piece individually. it’s rather darling, actually. but… not what i had in mind.

luckily, someone else seems to like my new project! this inquisitive little snail came in through the window to do a thorough inspection of the top shelf as i installed the lower ones. i wonder if i’ll be getting more of these visitors… and i wonder what the cat will think about it.


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