valerian, hops, camomile, passion flower, lemon balm.

another sleepless night, despite the soporific tea. i had been feeling better, much better than i had been on friday… and then i felt waaaaaaay too much, and am now very down again.

these things called feelings: be careful, or they’ll knock ya on yer arse.

so let’s talk about the good things: i made pizza for dinner tonight, which was more effort than i’d put into food in quite a while. yay, me! also, i worked from home, and that always put me in a good mood. as well, i’m taking the next 7 days off from work, because i need a holiday, even if it consists of reading scifi and drinking tea in bed.

which reminds me: i need a bed. also, a couch. also, a bedside table or something similar. anyone got any spare furniture? i’m also looking for a sewing machine…

[photo: the gorge in august… esquimalt, bc]


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