i’m still a rock star…

my friend triane came over this evening, for dinner and a strategic meeting about the book that we’re putting together. yeah, that’s right: we are going to be published authors, telling the world about the hidden lives of women who are rawking the wrenches of this continent’s community bike shops. it’s going to be fun, i know that for sure… already our meeting was one of those that zipped seamlessly from reading the submission guidelines on the websites of publishers we like, to laughing about getting an advance and spending it on a mexican vacation, to philosophizing about the impacts of the place where bikes/women/community intersect, to jumping around my kitchen while listening to the new pink song.

those of you who know triane will also know how much she adores pink, and how evangelical she can be with that viewpoint. she’s totally won me over this time: the new song is about pink’s recent breakup with her husband, and is particularly appropriate for kitchen dance parties… whether i’ve got company or am simply flailing about on my own.

check it out for yourself:


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