moving: on land, close by

we didn’t buy the boat.

it was a good idea, a great idea even… but then i went sailing (on my friend’s trimaran) in the roughest seas that i’d ever experienced. it was so rough, the cruise ships couldn’t dock at ogden point: that’s big waves. we sailed from fleming beach (esquimalt) to the oak bay marina, and i loved every minute of it, but was also forced to acknowledge that the sea can be a dangerous place. at this point, i know so little about winds and boats and tides and techniques that it makes more sense for me to keep crewing on other people’s vessels instead of fucking up my own.

…which i’ve been doing: spent last weekend in nanaimo, racing in the snake island regatta: we came in third due to a long list of errors and accidents, but it was good fun and i learned a lot. such as: next time, put sun block on ankles and lips as well as rest of body.

in other news, or lack thereof, have had no word from ubc.

however, despite the uncertainties of our future in this city, my romantic associate and i are moving! an apartment came up in the house of some friends, and we’re jumping at the chance to live somewhere bigger/cleaner/quieter/less rodent-infested. it’s in esquimalt, at craigflower and tillicum… i’ll miss all my friends and neighbours in quadra village, but i’m stoked to have a better home.

[photo: july 1st fireworks gathering on tri’s roof in chinatown]


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