in which i give a boat update

the short story is that the boat is kinda rad and kinda funny, and we’re not considering buying it unless i get into school in vancouver… which is *still* unknown! but yeah: if that’s where we’re going, then we’ll be doing some research into moorage and looking more closely at our finances, because it might be a really good idea.

the boat is sound, and theoretically inhabitable, but needs some work to become more aesthetically-pleasing and functional. it has potential coming out the ying-yang, meaning that there’s a lot of charm and beauty to be uncovered… and we could probably sell it for much more than we pay for it. i’m glad there are a lot of carpenters in my circles of friends! i took a lot of photos, as b wasn’t with me and i wanted to document it for her, but it seems an invasion of the current owners’ privacy to simply post them here. however! if you’re dying to know more, message me and i’ll send you the link.

[photo: the vessel’s mast, buildings, and blue sky in false creek, vancouver]


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