in which i make plans to meet a possible future.

i have a longer post in the works, about conferences and what i’ve been thinking during this current sojourn in vancouver, but it’s being postponed by another more pressing topic:

i just called and made arrangements to see a sailboat, with the idea of purchasing it in mind.

it’s big enough to live on, tough enough to interest me, old enough to be affordable, rare enough to be a treasure, common enough to have a supportive community network, and in rough enough shape that my d.i.y. skills will be put to good use. the price is low enough that b and i can seriously consider it, and it’s amazingly low considering the boat.

i feel sort of panicky-excited, because in the past 6 months or so that i’ve been trolling through online boat sale listings, this is the start of my move beyond the occasionally fantasy and incessant talk about a vessel or two. last week, it was an old wooden cruiser that i’d fallen in love with, and i sent an email inquiry about it, but never received a response. today, though, with this sailboat, i called the seller and spoke with him directly, setting a time and getting directions to the dock.

it’s insane. have i mentioned that i know next to nothing about sailing?
it’s perfect. why bother dreaming if i’m not going to use the dream to push the limits of my reality?

[photo: by b… sailing around race rocks with friends on their trimaran, april 2008]


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