next in line.

a carload of us went to cortes island last fall, to spend thanksgiving weekend with assorted friends. we made it in good time onto the ferry from campbell river to quadra island, and then joined in the race across quadra to catch the boat to cortes. it was the last one of the day, and we were the last in the line.

realizing that we might not make it, b and i stayed with the dog and the station wagon while our friends grabbed their stuff and walked aboard: no point in all of us getting stranded on quadra for the night! car by car, we crawled forward. finally, we were the only vehicle left.

the ferry staff came over and asked if we had anywhere to stay, or if we could walk on. no, we answered – we were visiting from the south, and we hadn’t prepared to walk on with all of our baggage plus the dog. okay then, they said, we’ll make it work.

it was amazing: they inched forward every car on the ferry and had us drive on verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly, then stretched the safety chain around the back of the car. when they were done and the boat pulled away from the dock, all the passengers clapped and cheered.

i’m telling you this story because that’s what i feel like today: on the edge of moving forward but unsure as to whether or not it’s going to happen, hopeful but also ready to make provisional plans, and grateful to the assistance of kind and skilled staff. i’m in vancouver at a conference, and yesterday i went to the office of the program at UBC that i’ve applied to for graduate school in the fall. i have made it to the top of the waitlist, they told me: i am next in line to be accepted.

now, if only everyone who’s already in the program could just inch forward a bit, and then i could slowwwwwwwwwly join them…

[photo: burnt forest in myra canyon section of the kettle valley rail trail, near kelowna – taken may 16th, 2008]


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