all hail!

i took this photo 10 minutes ago: it’s of the hail on the railing outside my door, hail that accumulated in a brief timespan… i’d guess about 15 minutes.
now, as i write, the sun has come out and there is water gushing down from the broken eaves troughs on each side of the house: three waterfalls, sudden and clamouring.
climate change: what a hoot it is.

and while we’re talking about climate change, i might as well mention peak oil, right?
my coworker sent me this link which is an interview with professor guy mcpherson. i highly recommend watching it, if only cuz it contains the memorable line “the existence of buddhist monks suggests that we can power down with all the tranquility of buddhist monks”… good thought.
i like optimism.
of course, he also says “i think anarchy is the best we can hope for”…
to which i reply: yes, yes it is.


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