poor sicky-boo.

dawson is sick, with something gastro-related… which means there is some vomit-action taking place at our place, woo hoo!

we had a visit to the vet, and he’s going to be okay. he just needs to be watched a bit, to make sure he doesn’t become dehydrated. they told me to dose him with pepto-bismol, which has been pretty funny… the first time i gave it to him, i wasn’t thinking and did it in our carpeted living room. it ended up all over the rug, as well as his face. what an ugly shade of pink. sometimes, i’m an idiot.

anyway, this experience reminds me of when i was hanging out with my friend rob a month or so back: i was walking dawson, and stopped to pick up his shit, and rob confessed that watching me do that made him gag. all i can think is “dude, you think *that* was gag-worthy?!”

[photo: d was lying on the couch next to me as i wrote this… what a baby…]


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