now… this feral geographer is more feral than ever!

tonight i got mail from the university of toronto: i was not accepted into their masters’ program in planning.

this doesn’t mean that i won’t be going to grad school, as i still haven’t heard from UBC; however, it’s well-known that the program at UBC is even more difficult to get in to, so a rejection from the supposedly-easier option is a bit worrying.

also, it does mean that i won’t be moving to toronto anytime soon, and that’s making me feel pretty sad. i was really looking forward to being closer to my parents again, and i know they were wanting to share in more of mine and b’s daily life. not to mention the friends i have there… damn.

i don’t really know what else to write, except that i’m very disappointed and feeling more than a wee bit pathetic… at the same time, i’m scrambling to remember all the things i said i’d do if i didn’t get into grad school: get trained as an electrician, do a GIS program somewhere, or get a job that pays maternity leave and then have a baby. those are all still interesting options. but… they aren’t what i *really* wanted.

an occasional online handle of mine is feral geographer, reflecting my desire to maintain the wild side of the discipline that has called to me since i was a little kid, drawing maps on my desk at school… and lately i’ve been thinking about how hard it can be to stay true to my viewpoint as i’ve delved deeper into academia. i guess getting turned down by one of the top planning schools in the country is a good lesson for someone who values feralness.

on a happier note, i just returned from a five day visit to new york city, and it was great!

[photo: honest-to-goodness real poster i found on a street in the neighbourhood around NYU, in Manhattan. i think it was a joke… but i’m not sure]


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