run, boat, baby, home

i started running in january, because i want to do a 10km race this spring and figured i could use as much time as possible to get ready for it. i also am getting some help, through a weekly training clinic at the local rec centre. throughout this, i’ve learned that i have strong preferences regarding my running experience. or rather, there are several factors that make it easier for me to dress in un-cool clothes and shoes made by slave children, and trot around the block:

one, i prefer to run with no humans. humans talk too much. they also distract me with their mere presence, but that’s probably because i’ve been running with strangers. i might not mind so much, to run with someone with whom i felt comfortable enough to simply be silent. that’s what i like: to be silent, and let my thoughts wander.

two, i prefer to run with a dog. specifically, my romantic associate’s dog, though i suppose another one might do in a pinch. the dog likes to pause every so often, for peeing and sniffing, but that’s a good excuse for me to take a break. otherwise, he just runs and runs, slowing when he’s tired but never complaining. it’s a good incentive for me to act the same.

three, i prefer to run at night, or at least at dusk. when it’s dark out, people turn on the lights inside their homes and i can see inside as i run past. this satisfies my desperate curiosity to know the secret mundane details of other people’s lives, and also fuels the wandering of my thoughts.


i went sailing this past sunday, invited along for a day trip with friends who have a small trimaran. good friends to have, indeed! many of you know that i have long-cherished dreams of living on a sailboat, which have thus far seemed kinda silly because i don’t know much about sailing… so you can imagine how absolutely amazing it was for me to actually be out on the ocean! i’d show you the photos, except that my camera fell overboard. (luckily, b took a few with her phone, as evidenced by the pic above)


as i was going to spend some time with a baby this past monday, b sent me to following link:
which made me laugh very very very hard, because i’d already told a friend that my plan for playing with the baby was to teach him feminist theory. gotta start the indoctrination process early, you know? my other idea was to play backgammon… *not* chess.


i’ve organized a meeting with a rep from the housing co-op for this coming sunday, and now just need to get my housemates to attend. i went around the building last night, knocking on doors: only one person answered, even though i know some of the others were home. that’s the way it is in my house: people mind their own business. maybe a little too much.

the one person i talked with has to work on sunday, but will try to get out of her shift and wants to be kept updated on the situation. she also gave me the info that the co-op rep needs regarding each suite: how big it is and how much the tenant currently pays.

talked to another neighbour this morning, as our dogs played at the park, and she said she’ll be there. that’s one person at least, in addition to myself, b, and the co-op rep. a small party, but could be a fun one!

i don’t know if my downstairs neighbour (with the violent girlfriend) has been given 30 days notice yet, but it’s been pretty quiet. oh, except for a little while yesterday evening, when someone down there was intermittently playing “fantasy” by mariah carey at an extremely high volume. the floors were shaking. wtf? this worries me, because it could mean that my downstairs neighbour’s mental health is suffering, or that his crazy girlfriend is back (and maybe high).

i haven’t invited him to the meeting.


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