and some more.

after reading the comments to my last post (on my other version of this blog… yeah, i double-dip, get over it!), i’d still been thinking i’d write up a letter regarding my downstairs neighbour’s violent girlfriend, because as much as i believe that it’s hard to get out of an abuse cycle when you have nowhere to live, i also agree with what a friend wrote about enabling.

but then on wednesday night, b and i ended up talking with the neighbour: we were coming home from annie’s bday party just as he was riding in on his bike, and he was so happy. he told us how he’d just finished 28 weeks of court-mandated anger management and healthy relationships counseling, and his girlfriend wasn’t going to come around anymore, and… well, yeah. when b and i went into our apartment and shut the door, i told her i couldn’t write the letter. “yeah,” she said, “i know.”

today i called the admin, to tell her that i wouldn’t be doing it, and that i’d rather just leave it at that. she said they couldn’t leave it at that, because of this guy’s history with renting from these landlords. see, my landlord owns a bunch of buildings and converted houses in this town, and the admin is married to our maintenance guy: together they live in another one of the landlords’ buildings, where i’m guessing they have free rent in exchange for their services. when he moved in, my downstairs neighbour mentioned that he’d rented the place sight-unseen, through the maintenance guy. turns out that the neighbour use to live in the same building as the maintenance guy and the admin, until they had to evict him because of the drug-addicted violent girlfriend situation.

so… his moving in here WAS them giving him another chance.

and the admin does not want to deal with the cycle all over again, which is pretty understandable, especially if she’s also been a witness to the violence that our house has seen (or heard) in the past several months.

anyway. the admin said not to worry, she’s still glad i let her know that this has been going on, and it’ll get dealt with. she also said that the girlfriend will be back, no matter what my neighbour told me, and it’s only going to get worse if they don’t do anything.

le sigh.

i kinda feel like a scab, like i ratted out my neighbour, but then i also feel relieved. i wonder if the admin is right?

[unrelated photo: myself and my sister at the beach, during her visit this past weekend]


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