“run to the lesbians!”

yesterday, i went to work first thing but then took off again late morning, to pick up my sister and drive her to the ferry. she’d been visiting from van for the weekend, and had a nice time… she kept saying how lovely and walkable our city is, which was a much-needed reminder for me of why i like living here!

when i went home to get my sis, the dog was super-excited to see me and proceeded to run circles around the car before stopping to sit pretty next to the rear hatch.

cuz you know, if he’s cute enough, i might just take him everywhere with me.

in the end, i’m a sucker, and i gave in. after a quick walk around sidney and then the stop at the ferry, d and i had a visit to the beach at mount doug park. it felt so good to be running around and exploring a wild(ish) place in the middle of a weekday! my plan to tire him out worked, and he spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping under the desk at my office.

in other news, the downstairs neighbour got back together with his abusive girlfriend and she was having a freak-out this past saturday night. it was only 10:30 pm or so and b and i were out back of our place, along with my sis, adjusting a bike for her to ride. the neighbour came out of his apartment, the door to which was right in front of us, and was visibly upset. we could hear the girlfriend screaming and yelling, and some crashes. apparently, she was smashing things so that she could make the cops believe that he was beating her. yuck.

maybe julia’s right, and there’s a evil spirit lurking in the walls of that suite! it makes my neighbour do dumb things, like let this girlfriend back into his life.

anyway, after the girlfriend came out of the apartment and saw him talking to us, she augmented the racial slurs she’d already been throwing his way with a nice little dig at my partner and i: “yeah, that’s right, run to the lesbians! run to the lesbians!”

i thought of lecturing her on current identity politics and why i associate with the term “queer” instead of “lesbian”, but decided it was not the best moment. she was clearly wigged out on some drug or another.

so i’ve done it now: i called the landlord’s management office, and spoke with the admin. i told her what’s been happening, and how as much as i like my neighbour, it’s affecting my ability to feel safe at my home. she said that it’s the same story as it was last time this guy lived in a building of the landlord’s, which is pretty annoying but also very depressing. i want the people who manage my house to be responsible enough to screen out neighbours with abuse problems, dammit! but then again, i also want my neighbour to feel empowered enough to ditch his abusive partner, which could be hard if no one will rent to him. the admin asked me to put my complaint in writing, and then she’ll issue a 30 day notice to terminate his tenancy.

now i feel bad… but the feeling is tempered by the prospect of a quiet home.

[photo: dawson demonstrating how he can sit pretty, at mt doug park beach]


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