then the sun returns.

it’s a week later and everything feels better.

this past saturday morning, i was running out of the house to meet a friend for breakfast. as i was getting on my bike, my downstairs neighbour came out of his apartment. he saw me and suddenly looked kinda awkward, but we said hi to one another. then the damnedest thing happened: he thanked me for calling the cops on thursday night. “well… i was worried about you,” i replied. he told me that their relationship is over, him and his (ex-)girlfriend. he also told me how she’s younger than him and likes to party and she gets out of hand and he just can’t be part of that anymore. they had been together for two years, and he was worried about her coming to pick up the rest of her stuff, because she might be violent again. he said he was thinking of asking the cops to come and supervise. then he got a bit of a grin on his face, and asked “she sure was a cutie though, wasn’t she?”

i might have rolled my eyes if i hadn’t been reflecting on my own past crappy relationships, the ones that lasted way longer than they should’ve.

“you know,” i told him honestly, “i never really met her except when she was freaking out and banging on your door and windows in the middle of the night, so… no, i can’t really say that i found her very cute.”

at that, he nodded, and told me that he still has staples in his head from when she attacked him a couple weeks ago. he seemed so burdened and sad, which is probably why i was okay with us hugging before i got on my bike and zipped away: i don’t normally hug a lot of folks, particularly unfamiliar men, but this dude was just so fuckin’ vulnerable.

so yeah, i trust him: i want to have faith.

the rest of the co-op plan is moving along nicely: from the letter i wrote to the tenants of other 6 apartments in the building, i heard back from two neighbours who are keen to get more info. add that to the one tenant i’d talked with before sending out the letter, and that makes five of us (b, my partner and roommate, is also on board… duh). not coincidentally, we are the tenants with pets: there are four dogs and two cats between us, and all of us are worried about finding new homes that allow our daemons*.

an organizer with roots and roofs housing co-op has agreed to meet with us during the weekend of march 1-2, so i just need to talk with everyone and find a time that works for us all.

beyond that, i was talking with my excellent insider, the landscaper who’s been hired by my landlords: they told him they want to focus on selling another one of their properties before ours. also, they mentioned some building maintenance that needs to be done to our place, and also asked him to use a chainsaw on all the overhanging branches above the driveway, a task that requires dry weather. hooray for spring rains, postponing changes at my house!

in the meantime, b and i have painted our bathroom a yummy shade of avocado. it makes me very happy.

*go and see the golden compass. or read the book(s). do it!

[photo: i took this outside my office two mornings ago and sent it off to family in other parts of the continent. they are all jealous.]


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