I want a road trip.

I bumped into a friend at the pool two nights ago, and they mentioned a trip they’re planning: canoeing down the Green River in southeastern Utah. I can’t stop thinking about it. I made the mistake of looking up maps and photos of the route, and am now suffering from a deep feeling of longing. I know it was only a couple months ago that I was having adventures in Toronto and Montréal and Winnipeg and Nelson, but visiting family and friends is so very different from taking a trip into the unfamiliar. The time I spent in Utah last spring was just about the best vacation I’ve ever had, and memories of the desert are at the top of my mind… Meanwhile, the rain pours down and my office job leaves me tired but restless.

[photo: b on an arch, at island in the sky, canyonlands national park… june 2007]


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