ah, the interwubs.

what the hell is up with internet access costing so much money?! i thought this was the era of web2.0, where the world wide web provides the closest approximation of democracy available and international aid groups give out computers. am i missing something, such as the part of the equation where telephone/cable companies don’t try to wring as much profit from their clients as they possibly can?

i’ve been using the neighbours’ wireless, for the nominal sum of $10 each month, and i always left the cash in their mailbox with a nice note and my phone number: and then last week they moved out without even a word of warning or goodbye! am spoiled techno-brat now: do not want another winter of taking my laptop to fantastico every time i need to send an email or edit a web page. the romantic associate and i are trying to decide on a course of action, aside from putting a note in the front hallway of our house to see if any of the other neighbours want to split the cost. it’s a good idea, but might not pan out.

getting our apartment wired will be very expensive, especially as neither of us have the necessary router/broadcaster/whatever hardware. also, we only have cell phones: telus will charge us a telephone connection fee, despite the fact that we don’t want/need a landline. we also don’t have cable (or a television at all, for that matter), but shaw seems more prepared to accept such a travesty without demanding extra fees.

i hate dealing with this sort of thing, all the more so because i hate admitting that I MISS THE INTERWUBS.

(…when i’m at home. obviously, i still have access at work… though our server died last night and so two of the websites that i maintain are offline for the foreseeable future, as my techie coworker bangs his head against the wall in frustration)

in other news, dudes: the hallowe’en alley cat race last wednesday night was awesome! i was sick and almost didn’t go but i’m glad i did, and not only cuz jenny made amazing t-shirts for all us marshals… check out the photo, isn’t it a great design? i was in waddington alley and my job consisted of telling the racers to pop their balloons before continuing on. it was a tough job, but luckily i had help from naomi. we managed.

also… the radio show that i co-host is being picked up by this radio station in atlanta, georgia. pretty cool, hey? and no, i don’t make any money from the deal, and yes, i’m okay with that.


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