in which i tell you why i’m content at my desk

have i ever told you what it is that i do all day? the brief explanation is that i do a lot of communications and propaganda work, and in this technological age, most of the time i’m frowning at a computer screen. which is actually fine with me, because i’m otherwise gallivanting about on a bike or hanging out at my teevee-less apartment… i like to spend my evenings knitting, playing cards, and listening to my vinyl collection. the access to information and online culture that i experience at work everyday is still a contrast to the rest of my life.

plus! there are these things called podcasts.

the news from lake wobegone…
cbc radio 3 podcast and the r3-30…
this american life…
savage love…

and… rubyfruit radio. this is an occasional, 30 minute-long podcast of music by women, and it’s so awesomely hit-and-miss, i can’t even begin to tell you. by which i mean: i don’t like about half the songs that are played, and the rest are ones that are either good enough to compel me to immediately drop whatever i’m doing and look up the artists, or are already in my computer because i *love* them. no matter what, i’m thrilled by the randomness of it. the latest episode features “you say party we say die”, which made me very happy.

check it out for yourself at… though the site’s getting updated, so it may not be totally functional. even easier, subscribe to it through itunes.

to clarify, i love rubyfruit radio. i listen to it regularly, and i think you should too.

[photo: me (and my older sister, behind me) at the international women’s day march in 1986 or thereabouts… yes, i come by my feminism very honestly!]


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