carol queen just emailed me.

i am not joking.

carol queen, THE carol queen. there is an email from her in my inbox.

for my job, i co-host a radio show about co-operatives. it’s something i love doing, but so far has just been a neat experience because i like talking to random people, not because it allows me to brush elbows with famous people. that’s cuz it hasn’t, unless you count triane, the local community bike shop’s only female mechanic. she’s pretty famous.

this week, i wrote to good vibrations, the sex toy/education company that carol queen founded ages ago, to see if i could interview someone regarding their switch from a corporate structure to a workers’ co-operative model and then back to corporate again. you know, the nitty-gritty of what it all means in our changing economic and social context.

the public relations officer forwarded my email to carol queen. carol queen emailed me.

and i’m going to talk with her on the phone next week.



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