why i love sundays and other stories

for those of you not in the know, the local community bike shop is open every sunday from 1-6 pm for women/ladies/trans-folk only. and… it’s lovely. i’ve been volunteering almost every week since we started doing these sessions last fall, and my status as amateur mechanic means that the real job i have to do each week is to chat up everyone who comes in. which, as you may guess, is something i enjoy. as evidenced by the photo, i also get to use power tools and feel super-tough! we had someone putting together a beautiful fixie, but the hub didn’t have enough room on its threads for both the sprocket and the lockring. so, out came the grinder and off came 1/2 the threads on the sprocket!

there are other things that i’ve been wanting to tell you about: it’s getting to be fruit season around here, and i’m quickly falling prey to my obsession with preserving all the free food that i can find. the canning jars from free bins and second hand stores are sitting in my tiny kitchen, heaped in boxes that do double duty as cacophonic tripping hazards for my romantic associate’s midnight trips to the sink for a glass of water. i’ve already turned several pounds of blueberries and raspberries into jam, as well as some mixed creations from last year’s frozen apples and plums and the cheap rhubarb from farm stands and my garden. i want to do the savories this year: dill pickles with my own garlic, crushed tomatoes like my dad and stepmom used to make. also, something other than sauce with the apples. right now, i’m thinking apple pie filling… using the panela de los andes cane sugar from level ground trading as a sweetener. yum!

there’s black walnuts too, two big trees right by my office. they’re hell to process (tough outer husks, staining toxic sap) but i hear it’s worth it.

and blackberries, of course: they are starting right now, and will be ripe everywhere within the next week or so. i have plans to go picking soon with some friends.

what else have i been wanting to say? maybe something about love and space and sharing and the way things can work out. aside from canning and gardening, the other activities that has kept me busy at my house has been the clearing out of useless crap and the strict organization of everything that’s left. this includes making my furniture into things i’m actually proud to own. it’s amazing what one can accomplish with a blowtorch, electric sander, and some polyurethane. my new (salvaged and refurbished) dresser is beautiful, and will soon hold all my clothing. which is good, because b will need the space in my closet.

i had said that i wouldn’t live with a partner again. of course, i also said i’d never go to peterborough again, and yet i was there just this past december. so, times change. besides which, there’s the classic line of “this time it’s different”. because it is.


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