“repeat steps 1 to 25”

at my birthday party this past friday, i provided a small stack of scrap paper, a pen, and a jar that i’d labeled with an invitation to please submit ideas for what i should do with the next 25 years of my life. as promised, here are the results:

“map tunnels/structures under big old cities in europe such as paris and budapest; become a professor, have babies, live off the land on sabbaticals; restart old time communication services such as telegrams, pigeon carriers”

“macramé pastry chef”

“create your own bicycle board game! and i’ll see you sundays to play!!”

“cubble me a lot”

“submit to your true nature (HIPPIE!) and live in a commune, being the bike-fixer person, baking for multiple dready children, and growing food!”

“start an indie publishing org and create an IPRC (ind. pub. resource ctr.)”

“go on a fishing trip OR become a fisherperson”

“pin-up housecleaner/painter”

“1) you should marry beth! 2)you should create your urban co-operative and change the face of society as we know it! 3) you should teach diy to youth because you are so good at it and it will help with #2 4) you should stay friends with scott forever 5) you should create a bicycle crew complete with signs, shirts, jerseys 6) you should get your motorcycle license and ride!”

“hippie capitalist truck drivin’ meth junkie with lovers at every truck stop in canada”

“interior decorator”

“you should stay passionate and motivated, you should continue to inspire those around you AND NEVER STOP DANCING!”

“things only better with age, enjoy it”

“you will become a bathtub salesgirl specializing in humungo-porno-mirrored contraptions for rich anarchist seniors. you will also sell homemade bathbombs for fun and take on sewing lacy bathcaps for your favourite old ladies.”

“1) learn how to win cribbage 2) learn how to win settlers of catan 3) in event of boredom, go to steps 1 and 2”

“repeat steps 1 to 25”

“i really hope you spend a bit more time in brandon”

“professional anarchist”

“infiltrate corporate canada and make it crumble (tremble?) from within; move to somewhere remote and start a community garden/theatre/art studio; become a celebrity guest on cbc radio after; doing something shockingly radical.”

“research gay aunt margaret’s life and write her biography”

i don’t recognize enough of the handwriting to know for certain who wrote what, but the context gives a pretty good idea: i have a feeling that my hippie friend wrote about the commune, and i’m guessing that my romantic associate suggested that we “cubble” (though maybe not….?!). also some people skipped out on the offer and others submitted a couple.

overall, these suggestions are all really great, especially since i’d never even thought of most of them! i always talk about my great-aunt margaret and her suspected homosexuality, but i never thought of writing about her. huh. also, brandon… it’s *so* true, i really *do* need to spend some time there, if only so that i get over my small-town-crush on it.

now, should i put them back in the jar, and pull one out each morning as my goal for that day’s activities? or, do i draw up an index that qualifies the pros and cons of each suggestion? should i categorize them by feasibility or time commitment, and do my best to complete them all within a scheduled time period? maybe i should simple keep them as is, in an envelope on my dresser… to look at when i’m feeling boring or unloved or frustrated, as a reminder of how exciting my life can be, how lovely my friends are, and how many possibilities there are for my future.

macramé pastry chef, indeed.

[photo: “aren’t we all?”… derelict goodwill building in longview, washington; june 2007]


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