i <3 trem-clad

trem-clad, for those of you not in the know, is a product sold in hardware stores as a “rust paint”. which is to say, it can be painted over rusty metal bits and will still look good, and also prevent further rusting. it’s also a great all-purpose paint that requires no primer and lasts well. it’s great on bike frames, and… on floors!

my birthday is tomorrow and as a gift to myself, i finally got organized and made my sunroom into a nice space. the room is actually a porch that was closed-in somewhat haphazardly: when i moved in a year ago, the carpet had just been removed because it was festering with mold. until sometime this past winter, there would still be a good inch of water on the floor every time it rained. but it’s been dry ever since, even through the crazy rains that we’ve had, so it’s high time i started treating the porch like something other than a messy workshop.

i got the idea when i went to simon and justine’s house for a bbq a few weeks back: simon painted their living floor and it looked awesome. the whole time i was on my road trip to utah, i kept thinking about it… and when i got back, i found “wild raspberry” coloured trem-clad on sale at capital iron for only $9 a can! a sign, if there ever was one.

the worst part was cleaning the floor beforehand: it was covered in dirt and candle drippings and bike grease and dog/cat/my hair and who knows what else. but the painting! oh, how lovely! i’d never painted a room of my own before this, not in all my years of rentals or even living with my folks before that. coating the dull and scratched grey plywood with a shining layer of deep red was very satisfying. i was at it until midnight but was so happy, despite the fumes and the work it took in this hot weather.

now it’s dry and looks beautiful, and i think it’s the best birthday present i’ve ever given myself. come and see it at my party tonight!


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