this is for mia, and for siue

the first part of the vacation from which i just returned was spent in portland, oregon (aka pdx, after their airport designation code… who calls their city after their airport designation code?! yet there it is: the familiar nickname for this rad city in oregon). what did i do in pdx? a lot of things, most of which included bicycles. however, i also ATE!

i found fresh figs at a yuppie grocery store; at $4.99 US per pint, it was an investment but oh! so worth it! my friend mia, the fruit barbarian, understands these things.

i am happy with my purchase.

i also got a chance to visit one of the best places on earth: voodoo donuts! they are now open 24/7, which is a thrill for me because most of the times i’ve been to pdx, it’s a midnight stopover en route to somewhere else in the us of a… and the greyhound depot is mere blocks from voodoo donuts!

i <3 my evil donut. thank you, siue, for taking me to this shop on my last visit to pdx… i thought of you often.


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