not my birthday

had a meeting at work, mid-morning… the offices are so cramped that we gather at the kitchen table rather than crowd around a desk. as my two co-workers and i were wrapping up, the rest of the staff came into the room. they then pulled a cake from the fridge, placed it in front of me with a flourish, and began singing happy birthday! and presented me with a card as well.

i quickly dissolved into a fit of hysterical laughter.

so were they, when they realized that it wasn’t my birthday.

“well, happy convocation!”
we decided that the cake could be a celebration of tomorrow’s graduation ceremony, for which i’ll be taking the day off. the sweetest thing is the card, containing little notes such as “ha! you thought you could hide your birthday from us!” and apologies for having missed the exact day itself.

apparently, my payroll sheet gives my date of birth as june 1st: last friday. on that day, i took a two-hour lunch with my romantic associate, because we went for a bike ride, had a picnic, and otherwise enjoyed the brilliant sunshine. when i eventually got back to the office, my co-workers remarked that they had thought i’d left for the day. i told them how much i wanted to, but needed to finish some tasks first. “so,” one of them said this morning as we tried to figure out how the mix-up had happened, “we thought that maybe you’d taken a long lunch on friday because it had been your birthday, and you didn’t want us to know!”

it really was nice to hang around the kitchen together in the middle of a work day. we giggled, and ate the cake, and joked about whose birthday we’ll fake next time we want an excuse for a party.


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