Moonlight Midnight Mystery Ride and… Potluck! Fri. June 8th

happiness is riding a bike.

especially when it’s 10:30 pm on a warm summer night and you’re in the downtown of this city and you’re doing circles around the fountain in centennial square and you don’t really know many other folks who are there but it doesn’t seem to really matter cuz one by one they’re all joining you and riding in a circle around the fountain too and before you know if you’re part of a huge swarm of cyclists going around and around and around until suddenly someone gives out a holler and breaks away from the pack and everyone follows and then you’re out on the streets, taking up a whole lane of traffic and ringing your bike bells like crazy, laughing and asserting your right to be there, to be the spectacle and the statement and the community that is…

the moonlight midnight mystery ride.

JUNE 8th!
meet @ 10 pm
ride leaves @ 10:30 pm

open invitation pre-mmmr potluck @ my house, 7 pm
don’t know where that is? message me!
come over and meet some new folks, see some familiar faces, and ride down to the mmmr en masse!


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