it’s the beginning of may and i’m waiting for it all to sink in. this past week has been just about the best seven days in my entire life, and i mean that so sincerely that i think i might cry. no, for real.

i finished my degree. it took six years, and more sleepless nights than i can count. come june, i’ll convocate with a bachelor of arts honours in geography and a minor in indigenous studies. paper and title aside, i’m amazed at the work i did, and what it taught me about my neuroses and insecurities. also, i finally have a sense that i’m not alone in the way i see the world, that there are a lot of us thinking similar thoughts, and that it’s not just my bike/punk/anarchist/feminist/queer friends! there’s actually a place in academia for me to articulate my opinions. i wrote an 86 page paper on manifestations of capitalism in the urban landscape, and how we as a society are supporting a neo-liberal agenda even though it is not in our best interests, and i received a huge amount of support from my profs. i also received an “A”. i write it again: i am amazed.

then there was the bike prom. wow. the entire weekend was a blur of emotions, with the good moments outweighing the bad to the point that they are not worth mentioning. highlights include hanging out with friends and friendly strangers visiting from other places, seeing my regular bike crew gussied up and dressed to the nines, kissing my romantic associate while the crowd cheered as i presented her with her sash for winning the bike race, and heading out to the lake with a bunch of great folks for my first swim of the year. fuck, was it cold! but so worth it.

the other thrilling thing is that i sold two photographs. after thinking about it, i realize that it’s not really the first time i’ve sold my art, because i had six pieces in last year’s bike lab society art auction and they all went pretty quickly. but this feels different, because i set the prices myself and people actually paid them, and i’m going to have over $100 coming my way. once more, i am amazed. i’ve been taking picture of bikes for a couple years now, and i never thought i’d be financially-rewarded for it. at first i didn’t even realize that the pics had sold, and almost took them home from the art gallery!

these were the photos:
This way, my friends as an 8×10
Speed King as a 12×20

so that’s it, the main reasons why i feel like the luckiest kid on the block. of course, there are other contributing factors, such as my romantic associate’s upcoming birthday, and my friend ameera visiting from toronto next week, and my first time at gay camp coming up during the may long weekend, and the arcade fire concert in vancouver near the end of the month, and all four of my parents making the trip out here from toronto for my convocation on june 7th, and a milllion and one other good things.

yeah, it’s starting to sink in.


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