why i am a cynic: volume 27, number 3

as frequent readers of my blog know, i have been making many small commitments to staying in one place: canceling my p.o. box, planting a garden, agreeing to a job. the sum of these little promises is equal to one demonstration of faith. i believe that my current home should remain so.

and then!
of course.
isn’t this what always happens?

today i received notice from my landlord: a rent increase. he gave three months notice, making it perfectly legal. and it’s only $22 extra per month, which isn’t bad: another 1.5 hours of work each month. altogether, pretty manageable… except for the fact that i’m barely scraping by as it is.

the increase brings my total rent to $582, before utilities. if i were sharing a house with friends, i could probably pay two-thirds of that for the same amount of space. which raises the questions: is it time to try a community house again? do i really need to live alone, or was it simply that my last couple bouts of difficult roommates tainted my experience of living with others?

when i think of the possibilities, i am excited. if there were three or four of us, we could find a house, with a porch and a garden. there could be space for fixing bikes indoors, and we could share meals. chores could be traded off: i wouldn’t have to vacuum if i washed the dishes. i could still have my own bedroom, with my books and my record player (which i could afford to get fixed), and i could shut the door when i wanted to be by myself.

but oh. i do like my little apartment, and i would be so sad to leave it.

[photo: old iron bridge over winnipeg train yards]


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