awake, working, worrying about the class factor

9:24 on a saturday morning: where am i? no, not in bed with my romantic associate… no, not enjoying breakfast at molé… no, not riding my bike or walking a dog or doing something else similarly fun and energetic. those are pretty good guesses, but they’re all incorrect: in actual fact, i’m on campus, working at an event that was organized by the institute where i work.

it’s a pretty cool event, and i’m glad to finally be a part of something where the highest point of social responsibility doesn’t stop at selling fair-trade lattes. however: it would have been very nice to sleep in today. especially because my romantic associate works early five mornings a week… saturdays and sundays are our only laze-around-in-bed opportunities, and i don’t like to squander them.

i’m taking care of the media table here at the forum, and it’s pretty quiet. okay, that was an understatement. it’s completely dead. a fellow from local television was here yesterday, as was a journalist from the local paper, but no one has come by to pick a press kit yet today. if they do, boy am i ready! got neat little folders chock-full of info for them, a cool press pass tag that they can hang around their necks, and a pen so that i can write down their names for our files.

in the meantime, as i wait for potential swarms of media types, i’m designing a poster for a lecture that the institute is hosting in a couple weeks. i have all the type ready, because i already put it up on our website and prepped the email annoucement, but i need to make a kicky flyer that can go up around campus. i’m using adobe indesign, in which i am theoretically adept. that’s why i was originally hired by these folks: my year as editor of the women’s centre magazine gave me the chance to develop all sorts of skills in layout and design. however, the program we used at the magazine was quark express, and though i’m told it’s pretty similar to indesign, there seems to be enough little differences to make this poster-creating into a challenging enterprise. i keep thinking i’ve got everything right, then i realize that i need text box insets and i can’t find that function. maybe they’re called something else in this program?

my romantic associate is picking me up in a couple hours, and we’re going to go for a hike, where we’ll pick up some windfallen greenery. the closing event of the forum is a banquet at a church, and we’re on the decorating crew for the hall. personally, i’m a big fan of general greenery as a decorating scheme, but i am a little worried about it looking cheap. which it is, of course, but we don’t want it to look that way. not much to be done about it now except to throw some more tealights around. tealights are classy, right?


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