i’m sick, suffering from a cold for the first time since august. it’s pretty crappy, but not as bad as it could be. my romantic associate came down with it first, and didn’t go to work yesterday. my shift at the cafe wasn’t until the afternoon, so the two of us spent the morning in bed together, snuggling and watching the latest episode of a teevee show that shall remain nameless. okay, it was the l-word. i know it’s trash, but i’m sick, remember? sometimes trash is comforting.

for the past couple months, i’ve been saying i’m going to leave this city. there’s a million reasons to go, including my love of fresh starts and my lack of patience for social drama. i have a house-sit for the last week of april and all of may, so i thought i’d give up my apartment then and leave after graduation in june.

but recently, i’ve been feeling differently. at the pre-mmm ride potluck on friday, my home was full of friends and plans were being made. plans for a curling team, for a dinner with someone i’ve missed hanging out with, for a trip to vancouver this week : things to look forward to. i left the ride itself barely 1/2 hour after it started, happy to return to my empty apartment and have a bath in solitude.

today, my boss at the research institute (where i maintain and produce websites and other propaganda) told me that she is going to find the money to hire me full-time come june. the job would probably be a contract that lasts until our big conference in october, which is just long enough to be worth my while, financially-speaking. plus, it would mean another summer in this city: bike rides to the lake, sunlight until 9 pm, fresh vegetables from my garden.

the garlic that i planted last fall has produced shoots these few past weeks, green spikes that rise a couple inches from the soil. if i stayed until the end of august, i’d get to harvest them. i’ve never been able to do that before, have always left town or lost my planting space before they were ready. it’s a nice idea, to eat garlic i grew myself.

(photo: snow-covered labyrinth @ naramata centre, december 2006)


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