straight pride. yessirree.

as turgidearth expressed surprise that such a thing as straight pride existed, i thought i’d share some of my research. actually, it wasn’t my research, it was my friend scott’s. i was laughing too hard to make use of a search engine.

this very toque can be ordered online, at, where THEY DON’T HATE GAYS AND AREN’T HOMOPHOBIC… they just don’t believe that a child can be raised healthily/happily *except* in an INTACT nuclear and heterosexual family. which is to say that i’m screwed anyway, cuz my parents divorced when i was seven.

and… in case that site did not quite meet your fashion needs, you can check out! where they came up with an answer to the rainbow flag for straight-folk: the “peg in the box”. why is that their logo? THINK ABOUT IT. i am not fucking joking. could i make up something that crude/tacky?

anyway, this site is particularly amusing because the models are people that i find to be quite physically unnattractive. they do not entice me to buy their clothes, nor reconsider my queer lifestyle. in fact, i think they make me extra gay.


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