in which i pretend that the dubcee is my office

sunday evening, sweating my ass off in the campus women’s centre because i need access to a computer and telephone and internet, three things that tend to be in very short supply at my own happy little apartment.

though i’ve been hankering for a laptop these days, biking up to campus when i need to work on something is good for me. it forces me to keep my skool life seperate from my real life, makes me get things done more efficiently than i otherwise would. there is one problem though: my friends with whom i only talk on msn or email. with time zone differences and all, i get so excited when i see them online that i tend to drop everything so that we can catch up.

case in point: i need to be working on a project proposal, but instead i just spent the past hour chatting w/my friend amy. i took the above photo of her when i stayed with her in amsterdam a year and a half ago; we’ve known each other since we were 14 years old, and she is one of the best people in my life. or not, as the case may be, since we rarely see each other… but you know what i mean: she is just great.

i told her about the weekend adventures from which i returned early this afternoon, where i went camping at lake cowichan with my romantic associate (swoon) on friday, then over to saltspring island to meet up with some other friends for a night at ruckle on saturday. amy was jealous, cuz we used to got camping every summer near the end of high school: i’d borrow my mom’s car, and we’d spend days out at lake simcoe. she was also jealous cuz of my romantic associate’s music collection: driving around the sweetly curving roads of saltspring and singing along to salt and pepa… it just can’t be beat.
ah, memories of high skool.

but i digress.

so i’m back in this city and it’s hot and sticky…. and this kinda weather always makes me think of toronto and getting outta the city for a couple days and sleeping in tents and the way you can be cold in the middle of the night even when someone’s sleeping naked with their arms around you but then you close your eyes anyway cuz it doesn’t matter, you’re too tired from a day of swimming and sunshine, which is why it feels so good to wake up with the sunrise even though the temperature in the tent is rising as well; the night’s cold is all gone and you can’t help but notice that your skin is slippery where it’s touching that of the person sharing your sleeping bag…

yet it’s not at all uncomfortable because it feels too fucking amazing to just be there.


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