suddenly sick, with scratchy throat and copious amounts of snot collecting in my nostrils… not fun, not fun at all. blech. who did i get these germs from? WHO?!

i can think of a couple likely candidates, but it’s probably just something i picked up at work. ah, the joys of customer service: touching the unwashed hands of 200 people in quick succession, not to mention the sticky warm coins they’ve been fondling while waiting in line. if i wore a surgeon’s mask, would my boss get annoyed? could i get the union to back me up on that one?

my head hurts and i’m so fuckin’ tired that i even cancelled plans for later tonight. i am not a canceller, which should give y’all some indication of how crappy i feel. gonna go to class now, endure an hour or so of presentations by my classmates, then sneak away home to a cup of tea and my bed. times like these i wish i had a cat.

on the plus side, i just got invited to play soccer next monday evening, and i fuckin’ love soccer. especially when played on summer evenings in fernwood with cute queers, and maybe a bit of beer.


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