cookie tin photography and the wrinkles of my hand

needing credits to get outta university, any credits at all: signed up to take art 100. despite all my artistic ways, i still felt like i had to validate the luxury of an art class… but that was easily accomplished, cuz as part of my urban planning classes i’ve had to keep field notebooks, where the required sketching has always been a challenge for me. so, art: i’ll learn to draw!

found out on the first day of class that we weren’t going to draw at all, because the prof had more important things to teach us in our brief 5 weeks together. fuck, i love summer school. instead, we’d be studying plaster cast making and pin-hole cameras. aieeeee! two things i’ve been dying to learn about!

the best part is, i hardly feel like i did any of the regular uni-style learning: i think i got two handouts in total during these past several weeks, and i know that i took down absolutely no notes. absolutely fabulous.

the vaguely-creepy pic accompanying this post is of my project for the theme “the body”. i called it “25th birthday candle”, and it’s a beeswax candle made from a mold of my hand holding an egg. as it burns, the egg and the fingers surrounding it are all melting away… deep, hey?

and then there’s my photos, which are due tomorrow: basically, i did tons of portraits of my bikes, both the ritchey and pegasus (my chopper). the cool thing about them is they’re done using a cookie tin i pulled outta someone’s recycling bin: painted black on the inside, a hole drilled in the center of the lid, a scrap of metal with a tiny needle-puncture taped over the hole. can’t hardly believe it myself, but that’s the wonder of light: when a piece of regular black and white photo paper is slipped into the tin and held in place by the popsicle sticks glued along the bottom, it actually works as a camera. man, i gotta do this all the time.

and that’s the main reason i’m feeling better now than i was a couple days ago: throwing myself into finishing these projects has been a fantastic distraction, and i haven’t had time to feel sad… and the idea now is that i’ll have such a great feeling of accomplishment from them that it’ll carry over for the next while, keep me from slipping down into low spirits again. fingers crossed.


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