i’ve found a new idol, and she’s got four legs

mat needed someone to hang out with missy blue this morning, and called me last night to see if i’d be into it. truth was, i had a to-do list longer than you could shake a stick at… but something happened while i was holding the telephone to my ear, and i realized there was no way i’d ever succeed at enjoying a slower life if i didn’t just fuckin’ SLOW DOWN. sure, i said to mat, me and bea (my dog-for-the-month) will see yas at moka house at 7 am.

four hours later and i was exhausted. i’d been initiated into the community of dog people down at dallas road, where i learned at least ten different dog’s names but not the names of their owners. blue and bea were a perfect match for one another, with bea’s submissiveness balancing out blue’s giddiness. i also gained a great deal of knowledge about dogs, or at least about this dog who’s currently my roommate.

bea likes to rub against things. i mean really rub, like fall-over-on-her-side-and-dig-her-shoulders-in kinda rubbing. the list of things she likes to rub against includes (but is not limited to):
– me
– sand
– pebbles
– dirt
– mud
– driftwood
– other dogs
– barnacle-encrusted rocks
– beachfire ashes
– dead porpoise carcasses
– people doing yoga on the beach

the yoga dude was actually very nice about it, probably cuz i neglected to mention to him the previous thing she’d been rubbing against…


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