i heart radio and springtime

i just discovered internet radio.

i know, i know… it’s been around for ages, what’s wrong with me? but for real: i never thought to check the “raidio tuner” thingy on itunes until i was procrastinating on a term paper this evening. i now have a new lease on life.

i’m already a bit of a fiend for cbc and npr, but i’m pretty set in my ways with those stations: i listen to my favourite shows, and that’s about it. this is different: hundreds of stations, just waiting for my careful ear! i am giddy, foreseeing a summer of new music beyond what i ever thought possible, loneliness banished by the recurring need to do a lyrics search in order to find out a band’s name… oh, technology! what a strange friend.

on another note, my garden has enjoyed these days of sunshine. i planted seeds three weeks ago, before i had any inkling that i’d be moving again (they’re in big pots, luckily). barely poking through the surface of the soil, little green sprouts: peas, carrots, spinach. yay!


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