i used to be a biotech nerd. now i guess i’m a geography nerd… tho’ i suppose i always was one, considering the number of maps that covered my walls as a kid. but i digress: when i was in high skool, i did the minimum arts credits and took mostly sciences. i even transferred skools so that i could do this crazy biotechnology class (there were other reasons too, but it’s a long story).

biotech was awesome. we spliced the glow-in-the-dark gene from some deep sea squid into the dna of e.coli bacteria. when the course finished, i was talking w/my teacher and he said to me that the longer he taught it, the more convinced he became that what we were doing was wrong. i didn’t know how to respond to that, cuz i thought that growing petridishfuls of glowing slime was pretty damn cool.

anyway. what was my point here? something to do with dna… oh yeah. the hydrogen bonds in the chemical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid make it have a net negative charge, and i was gonna make this relevant to something in my life.

as a side note, i just realized that one of the reasons i love sudoku puzzles is that figuring them out reminds me of the tests we were given in biotech. the central “ladder” of dna is composed of paired bases: adenine with thymine and cytosine with guanine. the teacher would give us fill-in-the-blank diagrams, and we’d have to infer which base went where, depending on which bases were already given. it was dead easy, but intimidating.

okay, i think i’ve lost my point completely. electrophoresis was supposed to come into this, but i have no clue why.

instead of continuing, here’s a photo of my mom. she’s fuckin’ wonderful. i took this pic two days ago in ottawa when we were skating on the rideau canal. she had just fallen and split her head open, and we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. and yes, she was laughing. she ended up with 10 stitches, but she was laughing.


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