how is it that i come all the way across the country from the wet coast and find warm rain? it’s not that i wish it were as cold as it was in my city when i left, but i don’t enjoy having my expectations messed with.

dad has a cold but is welcoming, am waiting for him to wake from a nap so that we can go to our favourite vietnamese restaurant for dinner (mimi’s on gerrrard, get the #98). kid sister not so kid-like anymore, wants me to say we’re out bonding together tonight so that she can actually ditch me to smoke weed in the park with her friends. her parents rarely let her out alone.

vacation away from my home, vacation at my home: seeing toronto through two different lenses at once, glasses slipping off nose and sight becoming obscurred by water droplets.

different having my girlfriend here with me, a world traveler who has never lived in a place as busy as this. she is overwhelmed. i don’t notice the crowds at first, until i do: snap! sight shifts, landscape flips, i switch from the lens of a local to that of someone accustomed to my city’s small quiet streets.

couldn’t live like this, but also couldn’t live any other way.


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