went out last night to the movies, saw a preview screening of “north country”. free tix from the dub see, so i was glad to go… but it was just the saddest film!

the main character is a young single mom in a small town, who takes a job at the local mine cuz that’s the only place she can earn a decent wage. the sexual harassment she and her fellow female workers have to put up with is horrific, and as neither her bosses nor the union give a damn, she sues them.

and of course she wins and it’s all very empowering, etc etc… but not really, when you think about it, cuz the only reason she won is cuz she finally got some man on her side (whom she was paying) to yell at the other men. i mean, when it comes right down to it, her own voice still wasn’t valued.

good film in lots of ways, but depressing as all-get-out.

damn near enough to make me go queer… oh wait! it’s too late!


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